SLD or SAP System Landscape Directory Basics

What is SLD?
SLD is the acronym of “System Landscape Directory» - Is a Java Application running
in all the Sap Java Systems - Is used like Central Information repository of all your
system Landscape - SLD use the Common Information Model (CIM), this is a
standard object oriented modeling DB.

Who use SLD?
SLD is used by:
- Process Integration.
PI/XI use SLD like the repository of all the Business Systems definitions, without this service PI/XI doesn’t run.
- Solution Manager
SM Read the Information from the SLD and refresh the technical definition on SMSY.
- Portal
Used by the JCO Destination.
Identify the role of the system and the Name reservation
- .SLM
Software Lifecycle Management is the tool provide by SAP to make the pacification of you Landscape.
In SLD you can create Groups used by NWA to administrate more efficiently the Landscape.
To know all the Systems in your Landscape.

SLD Strategy
The strategy for the SLD is very important, you need to decide in witch way you want administrate the SLD Information, there are several way and key
points(Important, Version, Etc) - You can check in the SLD paper to develop your strategy.
(My recommendation is read the Planing Guide for SLD).

Access to the SLD
To access to the SLD you can run the transaction SLDHTMLGUI or Goto

Create Landscape
The Landscape definition are used by different applications, Is the best way to
group your systems to Administrate better - You can create Landscape to:
- Administration
which is created for administration purposes, for example, for common
- General
which can contain all types of application systems.
- NWDI Systems
that contains servers of the NWDI
- Scenario
is created for a specific business scenario - Scenario landscapes are used in the Software
Lifecycle Manager of SAP Netweaver.
- Transport
is created for transport purposes - For example, all SAP Web AS systems that are connected by an
ABAP transport path distributing the ABAP development.
- Web Service
is created to collect systems offering Web services and their clients - The hierarchy of these
landscapes defines the Web service that is most appropriate for a given client.
click in “New Landscape”
Complete with the Name and Landscape Type and Create
You can add new Systems to this landscape clicking in “Add System to

Create Technical System
Is recommendable to create the System in Automatic way using RZ70 in Abap, SLD
Data Supplier in Java or sldreg in other instances types. If you want you to create manually you need to go to SLD main Screen and click in Technical System.

  • Click in New Technical System.
  • Complete with the System Name and Hostname
  • Select the Installed Product and the Software component and then click in Finish button.
  • Now you can see the System in defined in the technical Systems Screen.

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