SUM Tool errors with RSUPGJOB Failed

When performing upgrade using SUM Tool, it stops with RSUPGJOB Failed - If this is because of SLT Triggers(CHECK_SLT_TRIGGER) then follow the below procedure

Before proceeding, please make sure that the replication is complete in SLT system. 

Find the list of tables against which triggers are set.

Then in remote system, enter into below SAP transaction,
IUUC_REMOTE --> Expert Functions --> Delete Triggers --> Enter Table names ...


Retry in SUM tool.

NOTE: Make sure you have list of the tables for which triggers are being deleted so that you can recreate them post upgrade and retrigger the replication.

Deleting files older than n days

There is always a need to delete or housekeep filesystem at OS level and normally this is done by deleting files older than certain number of days.

Especially in applications where there are lot of logs or backups being generated, there is a need to automate this process of housekeeping.

Below command helps in deleting files which are older than specified number of days.

GENERAL PRECAUTION: Please avoid running these commands using root account

Command:  find -mtime +5 -exec rm {} \;

The above command deletes all the files which are ending with extension ".log" and is older than 5 days.

Example: You want to delete all the files ending with .log extension, are in /tmp and older than 10 days then below would be the command:

find /tmp/*.log -mtime +10 -exec rm {} \;